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What is Evrone?
We are the team of passionate Ruby and Ruby On Rails engineers from around the world. We focus on startups, SaaS, marketplaces, stock exchanges, high load platforms,
e-commerce services and blockchain solutions but we don't limit ourselves when it comes to challenge our skills. Also we hold RubyRussia and FPConf international conferences.
Evrone benefits
Be where you want to be

We offer fulltime remote positions of 40 hour per week while we put no limits on your location. You can work from home or you can handle projects being we really don't know where.
Smart stability

We follow the rule of single project at a time for a developer. But on the other hand we care about our people so we don't let them reside at one project for too long. We take hard and soft skills into account when we gather project teams. Also we keep out eye on our people ambitions and aspirations.
Continuous growth

We skip landings and simple web sites. We tend to solve harder tasks. We try to make it well or keep our hands away. We stick to code review and always care of not making shit.
Size matters

Evrone is already not a garage band but yet not a galactic corporation. We have almost no hierarchy but we have strong zones of responsibility. Backend is done by backend guys. Frontend by frontend. Sales do their sales magic. Managers manage unmanageable.
We support open-source in Russia

Our quite_assets repository were cloned for more than 12 million times and were included into Rails by default. We also pay our developers for doing open-source.
We develop Ruby community in Russia

We hold RubyRussia, FPConf and many smaller meetups. We refund all our developers expenses put into visiting Ruby conferences. We encourage our developers to be a speakers.
Every top manager at Evrone is in fact a service staff for our developers.
Balbekov Oleg, CEO
Every top manager at Evrone is in fact a service staff for our developers.
Balbekov Oleg, CEO
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Oleg Balbekov, CEO: oleg@evrone.com
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6/2 Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, Russia, 123317
5 Korolenko st., Voronezh, Russia, 394036