We're looking for a Frontend Developer to join our frontend team.
Evrone's distributed team will gladly take experienced and unaided frontend developers with completed SPA javascript projects in portfolio.
Any of those will fit: React, React Native, Angular, Vue, Redux, MobX...
We are experts at Ruby on Rails / Javascript and related ecosystem but our engineers are also great in many other technologies.
Dmitry Karpunin
Tech Lead of Frontend
We expect you to...
  • have a strong experience with JS-frameworks and component libraries (React/Redux, Vue, Backbone, Ember...)
  • be familiar with Redux including it's middlewares and high-order addons (redux-api, redux-saga, redux-*)
  • be a confident user of Zeplin or Avocode
  • be experienced dealing with server side and also deeply understand client-server architecture principles
  • pay a lot of attention to the user experience
  • at least understand spoken English, would be best if you'll be able to speak and write
  • follow the state of the art frontend technologies
  • be never afraid of backend and have an idea of common languages and frameworks
  • have an idea about OOP, MVP, patterns and so on
  • (we keep our mouth shut about HTML, CSS, cross-browser markup and CSS/SCSS-frameworks, those are must)
  • always seek to discover something new, solve new tasks and evolve with the digital industry
    You will love us because we offer
    Full time employment
    We honor Code of Labor and expect you to work for 40 hours per week.
    Market average salary
    Your labor will be paid well and in time.
    Remote or office
    Work at home or from a sunny sea bank. We really don't care where you are as long as you responsible and foresighted.
    Soft office schedule
    We don't expect you to wake up too early if you don't want to. We just want you to spend enough time to team communication during the day. Every team member must feel comfortable with your schedule.
    We are young, friendly and professional. We won't hire people that our team cannot cope with even if they are genius and super talented. We want comfort for all our people.
    Professional growth
    We offer you straightforward options for your professinal growth. We define what every developer should know to become a better professional and we have purely transparent ways to help you determining if you are already there or not. We also offer special options for people wishing to lead a team of developers.
    Good workflow
    We work hard implementing comfort and effective development practices. We adore gitflow and honor agile methodologies.
    Who we are
    We are the team of passionate Ruby and Ruby On Rails engineers from around the world. We focus on startups, SaaS, marketplaces, stock exchanges, high load platforms,
    e-commerce services and blockchain solutions but we don't limit ourselves when it comes to challenge our skills. Also we hold RubyRussia and FPConf international conferences.
    Meet our team
    We are on the way of building successful team leaving all that corporate bullshit like hymns and zillion of reports aside. And we'll never give up that goal. Just be yourself and become a better professional each day. That's it! If you feel on the same page with us just give us a call.
    Eugeniya Suleymanova
    VP of Human Capital
    Each of us should always keep in mind one simple fact – you won't grow without gaining new knowledge. New programming languages, cutting-edge technologies and modern complex architecture approaches – that is the key points you should be always interested in to keep up with the industry. Here at Evrone, we create perfect conditions for you to grow and become a better professional.
    Alexander Kirillov
    Front-end is a tangible result which users face when they visit the project with a browser. Here at Evrone we use superior solutions and tools to build UI that works well both on browsers and other platforms. Become a part of our team to be in touch with a modern frontend technologies.
    Dmitry Karpunin
    Tech Lead of Frontend

    44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105
    6/2 Presnenskaya emb., Moscow, Russia, 123317
    5 Korolenko st., Voronezh, Russia, 394036